Classroom Stats Privacy Policy
This document outlines the policy by which Classroom Stats, LLC, collects and uses data from your computer or device.

If you are using the iOS or Android application on your device (henceforth referred to as "THE APP"), you will be happy to know that no personally-identifiable information is collected by your device, stored on your device, or sent to your servers. When you first use your application, you are asked to create a nickname; this nickname is sent to our servers in order to establish a user code on your phone (the nickname is not stored on your phone, nor do you need to use a nickname that would identify you in any way, shape, or form). With two small exceptions, listed below, the only data that is sent to (and stored) on our servers afterwards is the data recorded while you complete games or tasks at the direction of your instructor (for example, for the Arithmetic Quiz game, the answers that you provide for each question and the time that it took to answer each question are sent to our servers when the game is completed). You may opt out of any data collection by simply not participating in that game or task. The two exceptions are:
  1. when your device communications with our servers, our website software may record your IP address in our access and/or error logfiles; this data will only be used to track errors and improve service, and
  2. your device will send its model name and operating system version to our servers, which is recorded for the express purpose of improving service in the future.
By using THE APP, you agree that Classroom Stats, LLC may use your data internally to improve service in the future. In addition, you agree that your instructor may use your (non-identifiable) game data as an educational tool and that Classroom Stats, LLC may use your (non-identifiable) game data in usage and "big data" projects in the future. In no circumstances will Classroom Stats, LLC, sell or give your data to a third-party.

If you are an instructor (or any other individual) using the website version of Classroom Stats, in order to have an account, you must register with our site, providing your name, school or affiliation, and an email address along with a password of your choosing. Passwords are not stored on our servers except for an encrypted version that cannot be decrypted. Like with THE APP, Classroom Stats, LLC, will only use your data to improve services and will not sell or give your account data to a third-party. By providing your email address, you agree that we may contact you about service updates. From time to time we may contact you regarding another product of Classroom Stats, LLC or a product from a third-party; you may unsubscribe from these emails by clicking the "Unsubscribe" link in the email or contacting us directly.

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us at